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2014 China Shanghai elevator industry exhibition will be opened in August


Rapid development and urbanization continue to promote the economy is the main driving force lift demand, historical data regression analysis showed that demand for real estate investment and lift high correlation. Policy control by the state of commercial real estate investment growth will slow down, but the "second five" 36 million units of affordable housing construction will boost demand for the elevator, while a large number of public infrastructure, energy-saving replacement and export We will promote China's elevator production.
Huge market demand and production to make China become the world's manufacturing power and the first to maintain large country, a growing number of industries and enterprises to participate in international technical standards, exhibitions, forums and other activities, on various aspects of technology, standards continue to deepen understanding , from learners become active participants and practitioner.
2014 China (Shanghai) Elevator Industry Exhibition (CEIE2014) as "Asia's first Green Building Materials Exhibition" - Green Building Materials Exhibition Fair son, 2014 8 20 - August 22 Shanghai New International Expo Centre held the elevator industry practice is simple, safe, innovation, leading the new trend of green building mission. CEIE2014 industry will focus on the advantages of resources to provide a broader platform and the advantages of its resources for the elevator industry-related enterprises, and promote market-oriented elevator areas of business application, build sales, display, brand and technology promotion as a means for the majority of elevator companies and related businesses create huge business opportunities. After years of industrial development, China's elevator industry has formed a complete industrial clusters, and improve the technical level, the international competitiveness of a rising brand good situation, the exhibition site of the whole system, the relevant plate, spare parts, elevators and other decorative cover Elevator whole industry chain.
Idea "simple, safe, innovative" lift industry in recent years as the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries in the process of a general trend in the market environment. CEIE2014 in the elevator industry initiated a simple, safe, innovation, leading the new trend of green building concept has been widely recognized by the industry. It is reported that China Electrical Equipment Industry Association and the Shanghai Association for the construction industry continues to attach importance to the organizing committee and CEIE2014 efficient launch, the current Shanghai Elevator Industry Exhibition Invitation work is proceeding smoothly. During the exhibition will also be held with more than the theme of the forum focused industry hot, deep elevator industry, enrich the connotation of the exhibition. I believe CEIE2014 will dedicate the next exciting event for the elevator industry professionals. (Shanghai) China Elevator Industry shows a bridge of mutual understanding industry provides a good boost for the new strategy of China's elevator industry for companies to show their ever-changing technology provides a precious opportunity.