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2013 China international exhibition on the elevator (Shanghai)


Show introduction: continued rapid growth in recent years, China's economic construction, with the accelerating urbanization process, predominantly residential building and airport, subway, office buildings and other public facilities projects significantly increased, provides a huge opportunity for the elevator industry development. In 2009, the special economic tsunami struck rapidly, real estate and related industries affected, is a challenge but also opportunity, highly efficient, more thinking, new technology increasingly highlight, under the new economic situation to create new performance and set up new social status, more and more important.

Is produced in the past year, the national elevator, escalators and moving sidewalks) 245000, increasing 22% per year, the annual output reached 80% of the world's total, has become the world first-class elevator product and service base, the world's largest elevator market. At present, China elevator ownership has more than 1 million units.

China, the world see internationalization, trade has been for what we are after. On June 10, 2013-12, 2013 China international elevator (Shanghai) exhibition will be held in Shanghai pudong new area, Shanghai new international expo center. Advanced exhibition facilities, convenient transportation and hot popularity, audience 2013/06/10 day we are going to China Shanghai elevator show once again to present new look in front of you.

China elevator show is the industry recognized the authority of the country's second largest event, is a manufacturing and consumption, scientific research and application of technology and the importance of business communication platform. Here, we sincerely invite the relevant units, experts and the masses of friends to participate in the 2013 China international exhibition on the elevator (Shanghai).

Exhibition range: has a variety of escalators, pedestrian ladder, passenger elevator, medical elevator, goods elevator, residential elevator, sightseeing elevator, hydraulic elevator, car elevator, machineroomless elevator, elevator, etc;

Cardiac elevator drive components (transmission mechanism, guide rail, to open the door, traction machine, etc.), elevator safety components (safety forceps, speed limiter, buffer layer, door lock device, wire rope, rope head combination, etc.), elevator electrical devices (control panel and other electrical components), elevator performance testing technology and equipment), etc.;

Derive the elevator with stainless steel plate area.

Derive the elevator area related accessories and mechanical and electrical equipment, elevator accessories, control button, safety switch, chain, elevator control device, relay, control and measurement of frequency converter, rubber and plastic parts, elevators, lighting, elevator fault emergency rescue equipment, elevator cable, indicator, hydraulic components.

Derive the elevator remote monitoring and automatic alarm system, elevator decoration, decoration, etc

Derive new elevator related technical high-speed elevator, slope elevator, machineroomless elevator, shuttle system, elevator controller, infrared elevator door protection system, PLC control system;

Derive the elevator installation technology and related equipment, elevator, and materials, etc.; ,