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It has become the development direction of the drive motor energy


As domestic demand for the large frequency conversion device, the successful development of frequency conversion grade products, intelligent inverter development has become the urgent matter. Our fundamental performance of frequency conversion have not reached the corresponding level, the market has not to this extent. The good news is, we have already seen some frequency domestic enterprises has carried on the beneficial research and practice, on the one hand, the digestion of foreign advanced technology, on the one hand, try to launch its own frequency standard.


Frequency converter speed control, the original purpose is with the development of technology and the increasing of social requirements for energy use efficiency, is used in the field of energy saving. Since the "twelfth five-year" plan, energy conservation and emissions reduction is the key to the development of all walks of life. The use of frequency converter motor system energy saving rate is generally about 30%, some high places can reach 40% - 60%, energy-saving effect is significant. Nowadays, frequency converter is the development direction of electrical energy saving. In electric power, cement, elevator, mining, metallurgy, transportation, and other areas of the modern get unprecedented popularization and application, believe that will be more and more widely applied frequency converter, market outlook is getting better and better.


The inverter is the development direction of motor energy conservation


According to the analysis of statistical, spatial frequency converter the total potential market in China is about 120 billion - 180 billion yuan, of which about atmospheric pressure transducer accounted for about 60% of the market share, the number of demand, high voltage inverter in the relatively less, but as a result of a single inverter power, high price, also accounts for some 40% of the market. At present domestic changes with load, energy saving potential of the motor at least 180 million kw, which provides for the application of frequency converter is extremely huge market.


Inverter industry prospects analysis according to the survey, frequency converter plant more than 300 existing in our country, but uneven strength and scale, the mode of production, individual companies still use mill main brands to maintain in the 20-30. Domestic inverter is a foreign brand in the market, foreign brand preconceptions, frequency converter in domestic market share of about seven.


The history of most domestic enterprises set up not long, a lot of products into the market time is shorter, the maturity of the product and brand awareness is difficult to compete with international famous brand. Domestic enterprises mainly produce the V/F control products, with superior performance, high technical content of vector frequency converter, and other products, the vast majority of domestic enterprises have not developed mature products.


In addition, due to constraints such as technology and capital strength, contribute to the development of local enterprises and "spin". According to industry experts predict that at present the Chinese market the inverter installation capacity (power) the growth rate of around 20% actually, is expected to at least 10 years later, the inverter to saturated market and gradually mature.


Inverter enterprises should borrow dongfeng "twelfth five-year" energy conservation and emissions reduction, better set up the concept of energy saving. Energy-saving performance of the product more on a step, for the inverter is very beneficial to the future development of enterprises. Also bitter effort on stability and durability, to before the market saturation, replace imported brand, let democratic brand is dominant in the market.