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2012 China international green elevator application and intelligent equipment exhibition


Exhibition range 1, elevator, the elevator host and drive technology, all kinds of escalators, pedestrian ladder, passenger elevator, medical elevator, goods elevator, residential elevator, sightseeing elevator, elevator, the elevator for the disabled, etc; 2, spare parts, hydraulic system, bolts and screws, braille button plate, wire, cable, control panel, control panel, console, shock absorber, dc motor control system control console, shock absorber, the spare feeder; 3, monitor equipment and consulting services: elevator remote monitoring and automatic alarm system, safety devices and equipment, maintenance and monitoring system, elevator industry on the development of science and technology innovation project, installation, consulting, services, etc.


2012 China elevator safety and low carbon summit session, with safety and low carbon as the theme, the organizers with the 2012 China elevator safety and low carbon summit. At that time, will be invited to the ministry, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, design institute, real estate developers, construction units, the elevator industry such as the single leaders and foreign traders and purchasers, well-known enterprises at home and abroad on behalf of the ifsc GongYi elevator industry safety, low carbon technology, promoting the elevator industry security low-carbon new technologies, new products. Only by the end user elevator exhibition, the exhibition sponsored by the department of industry organization composed of housing and urban-rural development, the units directly under the China council for the promotion of international trade branch of the China council for the promotion of international trade construction industry; China international chamber of commerce construction industry chamber of commerce; The national federation of industry and real estate chamber of commerce; Chinese architectural design research institute of mechanical and electronic professional design and research institute, the organizers from purchasing, planning, design, trade, export three terminal field service China's elevator industry. Powerful real estate chamber of commerce sponsored all-china federation of industry, to create the most value procurement platform exhibition organizers national chamber of commerce for real estate industry, a total of 4042 members, including real estate development units more than a third, members from including real estate development, construction, scientific research, planning and design and related aspects of industry organization. At that time, its China real estate chamber of commerce real estate purchasing alliance members, huayuan real estate, SOHO China, wanda group, haier property, cosco real estate, r&f properties, shimao group and other hundreds of real estate giant and the engineering construction unit to visit, procurement, green intelligent elevator and elevator equipment for new understanding, make the elevator industry's most valuable purchasing platform! Service the elevator industry, focusing on safety low-carbon and intelligent technology of the exhibition display is geared to the needs of the industry, facing the application market, to have security, low carbon green elevator companies with elevator intelligent equipment units to provide a best display and purchasing platform. The exhibition to the industry in various fields with the security and low carbon new technology, new products, new equipment, throughout the preparations for the project win industry high attention. The audience is professional, special, have a high level, on display, on this occasion will win a higher exposure rate and the return value. International traders become another bright spot in 2012 viewers to visit organizations high quality is a priority for the preparations for organizing committee attending the meeting! Exhibition approved unit -- - China council for the promotion of international trade with more than 200 countries and regions of the world's business communities established extensive economic ties, the organizing committee will give full play to its advantages in the field of international trade, focus on inviting more than 20 countries embassy representatives, hand in hand to the China council for the promotion of international trade 17 representative offices overseas, international business association, international trade, investment and financing enterprises, overseas media to purchasing and communication.